TikTok star AdamRayOkay — whose real name is Adam Martinez — took to social media on Monday, April 6, and apologized for seemingly racist remarks made in past tweets.

“I am deeply sorry to anybody I have offended. I learn and grow every day and will never try and justify my old ignorant tweets,” the 20-year-old wrote on Twitter. “There was a point in time I didn’t realize how much words can hurt someone. The lack of knowledge I had back then does not represent who I am today.”

TikTok Star Adam Ray Okay AKA Rosa Apologizes For Past Racist Tweets

The influencer came under fire from fans after old Twitter posts from 2012 resurfaced online that showed Adam using the n-word. Social media users were quick to slam the internet star, who then apologized for the remarks.

For those who don’t know, Adam first became popular on the TikTok app after his first video of fan-favorite character, Rosa, went viral in December 2019. Since then, he has garnered over 4.7 million followers on the video sharing app. The character quickly grew in popularity and became known for hilariously sharing all the details on everything in her life — from updates about her relationship status to classroom drama. Adam and Rosa have become celebrities across the app, and especially in the Latinx community.

As fans know, this isn’t the only controversy Adam has found himself involved in recently. Previously, fans slammed beauty vlogger James Charles for a since-deleted snapchat video imitating Rosa. The 20-year-old YouTube star attempted to copy the character for his own version of one of Rosa’s most popular videos, and came under fire from Twitter users who were upset with the clip and said his video was “racist.” Although some fans were upset, it seemed that Adam was not bothered by James’ Rosa video as they have since collaborated together. After the clip went viral, he took to Twitter and wrote, “My videos are made to bring JOY to people all around the world. Let’s remember that and keep the positivity going!” 

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