BookTok has seized control of the literary scene, and there’s a fascinating phenomenon emerging within the realm of romance novels: hockey. Yes, enthusiasts are devouring the sports romance sub-genre — and we’ve curated a selection of books endorsed by TikTok. Keep reading to uncover your next hockey romance book.

Ask any fan of romance books for a book recommendation, and they will most likely refer you to The Deal by Elle Kennedy — an author who is best known for the hockey romance niche.

Published in 2015, The Deal follows the love story between a star college hockey player named Garrett and Hannah, an intelligent wannabe songwriter.

The author told in November 2023, that she wrote The Deal as a break between the book series she was working on, something “just fun” for her. ICYMI, Elle was previously known for suspenseful adult romances, which included love interests who were mercenaries or Navy SEALs.

As she’s born and raised in Canada, she gravitated toward the sport and is a fan herself.

Thankfully, readers ate it up. Its success led to three more books, which followed a different player on the hockey team. Then came four more books which followed the hockey team’s younger members.

“I’m sure there are lots of different things that draw readers to (the sub-genre). I think hockey … it’s more physical. It’s fast,” she said of the genre’s appeal. “Readers like to imagine, ‘Oh, I’m the girl that this pro athlete is going to fall for, pick out of the stands.’”

The books have become so beloved on BookTok, fans are dying to see the love story between Garrett and Hannah come to life!

“So I am not allowed to comment on any of that,” the author teased of a possible movie adaptation. “Things are always happening. I will say also, there’s strikes going on, so a lot of things are on hold. But yes, I am hopeful, let’s just say.”

Elle Kennedy’s books aren’t just the only ones in the hockey romance sub-genre! Scroll through our gallery for some good hockey romance books that come BookTok recommended.

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