The last ever episode of Pretty Little Liars is only a few weeks away, and while we’re over here sobbing at the thought of our fave lil liars leaving our screens forever, we can’t even imagine how hard a time the cast would have had dealing with it.

Speaking to Coveteur, Shay Mitchell revealed the final scene featuring the four main Liars was nearly-impossible to film without everyone getting totes emosh.

"The last scene we shot was difficult, but I think the last scene of all four of us together was crazy," Shay said. "We were all trying to say our simple lines, and couldn't even make it through because we were bawling," she said, adding, "Then, it doesn't help when you look at one of the girls and she's crying and then the other is crying. Then when we were all dry and touched up again, you'd look and Ashley would have a tear, then you'd be like, 'F—.'”

Just last month, Shay’s cast mate Ashley Benson also confirmed that the final days on set were full of tears, revealing that the final table read was one giant waterworks.

"We couldn't even do it. We almost weren't able to even start the table read because it was just so heavy, " Ash said, with co-star Sasha Pieterse recalling, "I couldn't talk. [Showrunner] Marlene was like, 'Okay, that was great, but just a little less crying.'"

Cancel our plans for one week after the finale, because we’ll legit be sobbing in a corner somewhere over this.

This post was written by Jessica Lynch. It originally appeared on our sister site, DOLLY.

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