You might not recognize Kiersey Clemons name, but you *definitely* have seen her before! The actress played Skye Sailor in the 2014 Disney Channel Original Movie Cloud 9, where she met long-term best friend Dove Cameron. Keep reading to meet the actress who stars in the new DC film, The Flash.

Who Is Kiersey Clemons?

Her acting portfolio is pretty impressive, as she’s starred in The Flash, Somebody I Used to Know, Antebellum, Dope, Neighbors, The Only Living Boy in New York, Lady and the Tramp and Flatliners. She’s set to lead the 2023 thriller Susie Searches as the titular character.

Kiersey, 29, plays Iris West in the 2023 DC film The Flash, starring alongside Ezra Miller. Kiersey spoke about working alongside Ezra during an interview with Screenrant in February 2023.

“I think that working off of Ezra [Miller] and knowing Ezra for so many years, really working off of them really influenced who Iris was,” she said. “And really exaggerating kind of how opposite their personalities are, which [director] Andy [Muschietti] was the one directing us in that way. Because you know me, I wanted to give her this big sense of humor, but Iris, she’s very straight to the point. And there’s conflict amongst them and a vulnerability that makes her feel more reserved. She doesn’t exactly put it all out there, which is kind of what she has in common with Cassidy, which is interesting. I was not trying to connect that.”

Are Dove Cameron and Kiersey Clemons Friends?

The pair first met on the Disney set for Cloud 9, where Dove played snowboarder Kayla Morgan and Kiersey played Skye Sailor.

Dove reflected on her experience filming the movie during an October 2019 interview with POPSUGAR.

“I was 16 when we filmed it, which sounds like a normal age for Disney but is actually quite young to be a lead in anything,” the Descendants actress recalled. “It was bizarre. It felt comfortable. I always felt like a very social person. I made so many friends. It was a bonding summer camp experience.”

Dove and Kiersey have remained close following the DCOM. The two often post photos one another on their social media pages, are spotted hanging out frequently and even got matching tattoos in 2017. Most recently, Dove showed out to support her bestie at the June 2023 premiere of The Flash. We love a supportive BFF!

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