Are you ready for The Other Zoey? The upcoming rom-com film stars Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux in roles that you’ve *definitely* never seen them in before! We sat down with director Sara Zandieh, who can’t stop gushing over the stars.

“One of the best parts of making this movie was the cast,” the director told J-14 exclusively ahead of the Friday, October 20 premiere. “We have some of the most exciting young actors working right now in the movie alongside veteran actors like Andy McDowell and Heather Graham.”

The Other Zoey follows Josephine as Zoey, a super smart high school student whose life gets turned upside down after the most popular boy in school gets amnesia and mistakes her for his girlfriend (you know, the other Zoey). Drew plays Zach, the amnesia suffering popular boy, while Archie plays Miles, Zach’s cousin and Zoey’s second love interest.

As almost all viewers will recognize Josephine from her role as Tessa in the After franchise, Drew as Rafe in Netflix’s Outer Banks and Archie as Mal in dramatic fantasy series Shadow and Bone, Sara explained that the actors were super “excited” to “shift gears” into a comedy film.

“I knew Drew was just coming off of Hell Raiser and he was playing very dramatic roles and I think he was excited to just shift gears and play around and have fun in a comedy,” Sara explained. “He had studied improvisational comedy, so he had comedy training and I think that really shows. He was really great.”

Since most viewers know him as the psychotic (and murderous!) brother of Madelyn Cline‘s character Sarah in OBX, the director hilariously summed up Drew’s feelings on the rom-com.

 “I think he was excited to make something he could watch with his mom,” she joked.

As for Josephine, the actress shared similar sentiments to Drew.

“I think they were both really excited to take on a comedy,” Sara revealed. “Similarly, Josephine was really fun. I mean, she kind of plays the straight woman in the movie, but she does it so well, and I think she is so funny. I told both of them and Archie that they have to do more comedy. I think they’re so good in the comedy genre.”

The Other Zoey will hit theaters on Friday, October 20 and On Demand November 10.

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