No way! Josephine Langford and Drew Starkey star in a rom-com together titled The Other Zoey, and we just want to know — do you think the film takes place before or ~after~ Outer Banks? Keep reading for details on the movie, including release date, the full cast and more.

What Is ‘The Other Zoey’ About?

The Other Zoey follows Josephine as Zoey, a super smart high school student whose life gets turned upside down after the most popular boy in school gets amnesia and mistakes her for his girlfriend. Drew plays Zach, the amnesia suffering popular boy, while Shadow and Bone actor Archie Renaux plays Miles, Zach’s cousin and Zoey’s second love interest.

When Will ‘The Other Zoey’ Be Released?

The Other Zoey premiered in theatres on October 20, 2023, and is produced by Gulfstream Pictures.

Who Stars In ‘The Other Zoey’?

Along with Josephine, Drew and Archie, The Other Zoey also stars Andie MacDowell, Maggie Thurmon, Mallori Johnson, Heather Graham and Patrick Fabian.

Drew, of course, is best known for his role of Rafe Cameron in the highly popular Netflix series Outer Banks, which he’s been playing since season 1 premiered in 2020. Drew’s not the only Netflix actor to star in The Other Zoey, either, as Archie is best known for playing Mal in the fantastical Netflix series Shadow and Bone.

As for Josephine, The Other Zoey will serve as her first project outside of the After movies in years, after her breakthrough role as Tessa Young in the film franchise put her name on the map. She’s also starred in a few movies outside of the franchise including Netflix’s Moxie and Gigi and Kate.

“I think it has nothing to do with me,” Josephine told WWD about the success of the After movies during an interview in November 2021. “I think it has to do with the books. The love of the characters in this story is really coming from what’s being set up in the books. And so, we’re really lucky that it’s followed through to the films.”

Josephine also spoke about why she’s more drawn to movies rather than TV shows following her stint in the After series. “I’m scared of commitment. So I’m not drawn to TV — I’m drawn to film,” she told. “I think it’s partly why I became an actor.”

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