Bring on all the rom-coms! At least, that’s what The Other Zoey director Sara Zandieh says. The romantic comedy starring Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux premiered in theatres on Friday, October 20, and has everything you’re looking for in a feel-good film. We sat down with the director, who spoke about the importance of taking “refuge in movies” for a break “from all the pain and trauma in the world right now.”

Keep reading for our exclusive interview with Sara.

The Other Zoey has the classic rom-com formula: a meet-cute, a misunderstanding, a love triangle and oh, some short-term amnesia.

Following Josephine as Zoey, a stubborn college student who doesn’t believe in romantic love, who meets Drew’s character Zach, the most popular boy in school. After Zach mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend (the other Zoey) after suffering amnesia from a small bike-related accident, Josephine pretends their love is the real deal due to unforeseen circumstances — which include Zach’s cousin and Zoey’s second love interest, Miles (played by Archie).

“I think the world needs more [rom-coms]. I think we need to hear the messaging of love more in our daily lives,” Sara told J-14 exclusively. “There is so much pain and trauma in the world right now that it is nice to take refuge in movies that make you feel good and that you can share with your family and your friends and they can really help you survive.”

When it comes to her own personal favorite rom-com movies, Sara lists Annie Hall, Clueless, Groundhogs Day, and any and all John Hughes movies — from Pretty in Pink to The Breakfast Club!

“I think we need feel good movies right now that are kind of comforting,” she said, explaining why the genre is making a resurgence. “I think it’s just speaking to what people are craving right now, which is just a break from all the pain and trauma that we are seeing in the world. Just taking a couple hours to remember the theme of love and kindness and just joy.”

Sara also noted that the genre is easily accessible, something you can watch with your parents, siblings or friends.

“I think these movies are very, very joyful and they brought me a lot of joy when I was a young adult,” she added. “I just grew up on all those. I loved them so much and I remember really sharing them with my family and being able to enjoy them together. They bring everyone together. So I think it’s sort of a good time to be making movies like this. I think people really need it.”

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