ICYMI, Disney+ is releasing a series called The Santa Clauses on November 16, which is going to serve as the fourth The Santa Clause movie! The original 1994 movie starring Tim Allen, has become a cult Christmas classic throughout the decades, spawning two sequels and now, a series. What’s even better, is that almost all of the iconic characters from the first movie will be making a return, including Charlie (Eric Lloyd), Bernard the Elf (David Krumholtz) and of course, Tim Allen (or Santa Clause) himself.

This time around also introduces a whole new cast of characters — including Tim’s very own daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick! Yeah, you heard us right, Elizabeth is set to play Sandra Clause, Mr. and Mrs. Clause’s youngest daughter.

Keep reading for J-14‘s exclusive interview with Tim and Elizabeth, who opened up about Elizabeth’s auditioning process, what it was like working with one another — and if Elizabeth watched her dad in The Santa Clause growing up!

What It Was Like Working On The Santa Clauses Together

“I can’t say enough,” Elizabeth, 13, told J-14 on working with her dad. “It was an honor to be on set. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with my dad. It was just a blast. I had the best time. He was cracking jokes 24/7 on and off camera. There were so many great behind the scene moments and bloopers and it was so, so much fun.”

Tim also spoke about how “over the moon” he was, being able to work with his daughter. “It was such a surprise, certainly to myself and her mom as we both looked at each other as she kept going through the [auditioning] ranks,” he explained.

The Last Man Standing actor even said he originally just wanted her to be an extra as a fun Christmas present for her and their family, but “she went through the process, literally separate from me being part of it.” Tim shared that his daughter used to help him with scripts for Last Man Standing and also with his comedy bits, which definitely went a long way.

“She earned it. There’s nothing like that, to see your kid do that well. And she treated the crew with the respect they deserve and she was grateful and humble on the set. All that aside, when she got into the part, she drilled the jokes. It was so much fun. It’s still sinking in every time I see the pictures of it. It was so organic, is the word.”

Elizabeth Allen-Dick on the 'Honor' of Working With Dad Tim Allen in 'The Santa Clauses': Meet the
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Did Elizabeth Allen-Dick Watch The Santa Clause Growing Up?

And did Elizabeth, who is the daughter of Tim and actress Jane Hajduk, watch The Santa Clause growing up? “It’s a yearly tradition,” she told J-14, explaining that she remembered the first time she watched the film, when she was around 5 or 6 years old — and she hilariously couldn’t stop crying when she first saw her dad afterwards.

“I saw him and then I started crying,” she laughed. “I still don’t know why. I can’t explain it,” in which Tim replied, “You were mad that I left Charlie,” referring to the scene in The Santa Clause where Tim’s character leaves his son, Charlie, at the end of the film to deliver presents.

After Elizabeth confirmed the cause of said cry, her dad explained exactly what happened all those years ago. “She said, ‘Why are you leaving Charlie?’ I go, ‘Listen honey, I’m not actually Santa Claus. I don’t want you going to school now and saying to your friends my dad is Santa and left Charlie.’”

Tim joked, “It was not a good day.”

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