Timothy Granaderos is best known for playing the seriously mean-hearted character Monty in 13 Reasons Why and naturally, it’s easy for fans’ opinions about a character to trickle into their perception of the actor. In a recent interview with Hidden Remote, Timothy explains how he is glad social media allows him to depict himself in a positive light and show who he really is, which is obviously nothing like Monty.  

“[Fans are] very passionate and aggressive towards Monty the character, but not necessarily the actor,” he explained. “It’s cool with social media. You can show your true personality, so people can see the actor rather than the character. So they can see that I love nature and I have a family, and I’m not this cruel, brutal jock who just hates everyone.”

Timothy isn’t the only star from 13 Reasons Why that wants fans to know he isn’t the person he portrays on screen. Justin Prentice, who is best known for his role as Bryce on the show, has spoken out about how fans sometimes have a hard time separating him from his character, who is a violent assaulter.

13 reasons why


“Occasionally some people come up to me or you get a few sideways glances and fear in people’s eyes. Aside from that, not a whole lot has changed. A few more pictures with people, but I’m pretty low key. I don’t go to a lot of parties or events unless its press for the show, so I guess that’s one thing that has changed – I’m doing more press. For the most part everything is the same, and I’m the same person,” Justin said in an interview with Prune Magazine.

As for what to expect from Timothy’s character in Season 3, the actor hopes to get a better understanding of why Monty is the way he is.

“I would like to explore what’s going on in Monty’s head because it’s so easy to judge him by his actions but really dive into what makes him act the way he does,” he said.

While there are no dates set in stone for when filming picks back up again, we should expect to see the cast back in action soon enough.

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