Tyler Posey fans all remember those photos of the actor that leaked online at beginning of this year. They were super scandalous, but they were his private pictures so the fact that someone decided it was a good idea to randomly expose him just wasn't cool at all. Now, months later, the actor is finally talking about the situation and letting us all know that it shouldn't be made into a big deal. Yes, the whole thing is super questionable. This isn't the first time and unfortunately, most likely won't be the last a celebrity's private photos end up somewhere they didn't intend on putting them in the first place. But, every time it has happened, the celeb takes drastic measures to get the pictures removed from the Internet or let it be known that it's not cool their privacy was totally invaded. Tyler has a different outlook on it all, or so it seems.

He was chatting with Us Weekly when they asked him about the leaked footage. Apparently, he laughed it off and said, "I don’t care. It puts less stress [on you] if you just brush it off." The Teen Wolf actor continued, "I got a letter in the mail saying I’m a victim of a case of somebody who hacked iCloud. I think I had my identity taken. I think I’ve had it stolen."

Yikes. It's not clear if this letter was specifically linked to the nude photo leakage, but regardless, Tyler has had to deal with some pretty nasty stuff when it comes to his personal property and identity. Ironically, he shared all of this while appearing at New York Comic Con ahead of the release of his upcoming film Decoy where he plays an identity thief.

Tyler's ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne gave him nothing but love when the whole photo leakage went down. She advocated for stricter laws against bullying and cyberbullying. She even tweeted about Tyler being "an angel" so clearly, she felt for him during this embarrassing moment. The Famous In Love actress wrote, "Honestly there needs to be harsher laws against bullying and cyber bullying this is not ok."

She continued, "All I have left to say is Tyler is an angel ?."

There's no telling what action Tyler took against the culprits or if he even got this all figured out. Of course, laughing it off is one way to deal with it, but we have a feeling he still doesn't want this stuff floating around. At the end of the day, he was hacked by someone and that's just not okay to do. Unless he actually doesn't care and then you'll be able to find us sitting here with a confused look on our faces for the rest of the day.

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