VCHA is “Ready for the World”! The global girl created by JYP Entertainment is set to make their highly anticipated debut in January 2024 — and we could *not* be more excited. Keep reading for everything we know about their debut, details on the members and more.

When Will VCHA Debut?

VCHA officially debuted on January 26, 2024 with their single “Girls of the Year,” watch it here!

Prior to their debut, they dropped two pre-debut songs, including “Y.O. Universe” and “Ready for the World.”

Who Are VCHA?

VCHA is the first global girl group trained under the K-pop trainee system consists of six teenagers from around the United States and Canada. The group includes members Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee.

The global girl group was created from a project survival show titled A2K (America2Korea), which first premiered in July 2023 on YouTube. They released a pre-debut single, “SeVit (NEW LIGHT)” on September 22, 2023, but have yet to make their official debut.

During an interview with J-14 back in September 2023, the girls summed up what fans should know about the group before joining their fandom.

“I think a little bit of an introduction to us is that we are the first American girl group based on Korean training or the Korean system,” Camila said. “We all have different backgrounds, different cultures, and also we had different paths that led us to this moment right now.”

Lexi summed it up, “I think another general thing is that we’re literally just six teenagers from all around the U.S. and Canada. So like you said, it’s cool bringing in different backgrounds and cultures into this.”

The girls also described the differences between a global and K-pop group, which include the fandoms, performances and “diverse music” styles.

“Well, for me, I think K-Pop really focuses on just the connection with the fans. I think that really plays a huge impact,” Savanna told J-14. “The fans are just so incredibly loyal to all the idols and the people that they aspire to be. So I really appreciate the fans and I think that’s one thing that’s really big in K-Pop. Also K-Pop has very diverse music. I feel like they’re very experimental and I enjoy that in the K-pop genre a lot.”

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