VCHA‘s the newest global girl group in town! The first all-American group to train under the K-pop system, was created by JYP Entertainment via survival show! Consisting of members Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee, the girls sat down with J-14 to talk their favorite K-pop groups, inspirations and so much more!

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ICYMI, VCHA is a pre-debut global girl group under JYP, created from a project survival show titled A2K (America2Korea), which first premiered in July 2023 on YouTube. They released a pre-debut single, “SeVit (NEW LIGHT)” on September 22, 2023, but have yet to make their official debut.

What Is the Difference Between K-Pop Groups and Global Groups?

The girls described the differences between a global and K-pop group, which include the fandoms, the performances and its “diverse music” styles.

“Well, for me, I think K-Pop really focuses on just the connection with the fans. I think that really plays a huge impact,” Savanna told J-14. “The fans are just so incredibly loyal to all the idols and the people that they aspire to be. So I really appreciate the fans and I think that’s one thing that’s really big in K-Pop. Also K-Pop has very diverse music. I feel like they’re very experimental and I enjoy that in the K-pop genre a lot.”

Camila shared similar sentiments, noting that there is a specific “K-pop style” when it comes to performances.

“I think that in K-Pop you have to be able to dance, sing, rap, and do a bunch of things at the same time, which is something that we don’t really see that much in Western artists,” Camila explained. “It’s more singing or dancing. But, in K-Pop you have to do both and it’s a lot about performing, dancing and singing. So I think that’s also very K-pop style.”

VCHA On Being K-Pop Fans Before ‘A2K’ Competition, Inspirations

“I was introduced to K-Pop at a very young age because both my mom and dad grew up in Korea and with K-Pop,” Kaylee revealed. “So I knew about K-Pop starting from second generation — so groups like Wonder Girls. But when I became a K-Pop fan, it was probably [during] third generation [K-pop groups] in 2018, 2017, that’s when I got into it. Even though I was only seven or eight.”

Out of the VCHA girls, KG’s probably the newest to the world of K-pop. 

“I found out about K-Pop a bit more recently than some of them,” she began. “But once I found out what it was and saw the fashion and the music and the dancing and everything of what it is, I instantly was in love with it and had a really big interest. And that’s when I went to KCON and saw it in front of me for the first time, which was an amazing experience and I’ve been really inspired ever since.”

And are the girls fans of any current K-pop groups?

For Lexi, Camila and Kendall, several of their favorite K-pop artists are fellow label-mates under JYP Entertainment! Lexi and Camila admire fellow girl groups like TWICE and ITZY, while Kendall is a huge fan of Stray Kids.

“For me, the group that really inspires me is Stray Kids, really specifically, 3RACHA in Stray Kids,” she said of the producing trio, “because of how they really put what they want in their music because they compose the music and write the lyrics. I feel like to me, and I feel like to a lot of people, it gives their music a deeper feeling and I would like to be able to show that through us as a group as well sometime in the future.”

Other notable groups that inspire the girls also include BLACKPINK, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans.

“I think most recently is New Jeans because they’re so young and they haven’t been in the industry that long, but they’ve already made so much of an impact,” Kaylee gushed. “And I honestly just love listening to their music.”

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