IVE is just getting started! The K-pop girl group just debuted in 2021, and they’re already breaking records. So, how old are the members actually? Keep reading to uncover how old the girls of IVE are.

IVE officially debuted on December 1, 2021 with the single album “ELEVEN,” which immediately became a smash hit overnight. Two members of the group, Yujin and Wonyoung, were both members of former girl group IZ*ONE, which created an already large following for IVE.

Since their debut, nearly all of their tracks have charted on the Billboard Hot 100 — and the girls have won multiple No. 1’s on South Korean music shows.

When we had our first No. 1 on the music charts, it felt like a dream,” IVE’s Gaeul told Forbes in October 2022. “I was really amazed and thankful that we could be ranked as No. 1, even in a very short amount of time. But even after that, we got to rank multiple times! So I’m just really thankful for our DIVE [the group’s fandom name].”

Fun fact: the name of their group is the contraction of the words “I have,” based on the concept of showing what “I have” to the audience with confidence.

“IVE, our music and our overall style, puts emphasis on being confident and bold,” Gaeul explained. “I think that our listeners learn from that, I guess, kind of take in the music and actually apply it to their lives. IVE’s ultimate strength is to influence those kinds of people in a positive way.”

On top of their impressive success, the girls have started to branch out into different genres of music from the ’90s inspired track “Kitsch” to the groovy “Off the Record.”

The things that we had always dreamed of have become reality now,” the youngest member, Yeeseo, told NME in April 2023. “The group as a whole received a lot more love than we expected, so I was able to feel more confident in the music that we put out. I want people to know that IVE doesn’t just do a single genre, but that they’re capable of doing many different types of music.”

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