Longtime lovebirds Veronica Dunne and Max Ehrich have officially broken up, and fans of the two are completely shook. Whether the two were packing on the PDA at the beach or singing heart-melting duets, this couple was one everybody thought would last forever. However, Max took to Twitter yesterday to announce in a series of messages that the former pair has decided to go their separate ways. Cue the tears.

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Although the pair has gone their separate ways, it seems like Max still has nothing but love and respect for Veronica and the couple's time together.

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As if our hearts aren't broken already, recalling the way they met is just another reason why we're super sad to see the beloved pair split. Veronica exclusively told us the story, and it sounds like it came right out of a romantic movie.

"I mentioned that I did musical theater," Veronica exclusively spilled to us. "That's another thing, guys in the past always made fun of me for that and I hated that. But he was like, 'Oh, yeah, I do musical theater.' I was [thinking], no, maybe he did a show. He was like, 'No, I was in Newsies!'"

And that's not even the cutest part.

"At the time I was putting on a production… and I had the karaoke track in my car. He was like, 'You have that in your car? We should go sing through the show.' So we went to my car and sang through the show like, full-on," the K.C. Undercover actress continued. "There's a scene where he's proposing to her [in the show] and he grabbed my hand and started singing to me and guys I don't know if you've ever heard his voice but it is freaking insane — the most insane voice I've ever heard. I melted!"

So yeah, it was love at first encounter.

veronica max kiss

Just last month, Veronica and Max seems as happy and smitten as could be. On their 3-year anniversary this past June, the two recorded themselves singing at a piano in a way that'll make your heart flutter like it has never fluttered before. Although Max's tweet of the video still exists, each of them have deleted their anniversary-honoring Instagram posts.

"Today marks 3 years of You & I. Happy Anniversary @veronica_dunne ?," Max wrote alongside the clip he shared to Twitter.

We're super surprised to see that Veronica and Max have decided to end their relationship, but we are excited to see the two go on to flourish in their own directions. What happens with their love lives from here, there's no way of knowing for sure – but we know they'll both be just fine.

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