Disney+’s Big Shot is all about promoting girl power! Ahead of the series’ new episode, J-14 caught up with star Tiana Le exclusively to chat about what fans can expect to see as the women supporting women theme continues throughout the show’s inaugural season. We also have an exclusive first look at the upcoming installment!

Big Shot does a really great job of showing these girls in a light that emphasizes how strong and empowered they are,” the actress explains. “It’s important that girls see positive representations of themselves on screen.”

In J-14‘s exclusive clip, the Westbrook basketball team shares their frustration with Ms. Grint after, according to Tiana, she “stands up against Korn (played by John Stamos) for what she believes in.” While the girls are upset when a teacher tells them “what they can’t do,” Tiana reminds viewers that Ms. Grint is displaying “exactly what is cultivated at Westbrook — strong women.”

Be sure to watch the video above, and find out what goes down between Korn, Ms. Grint and the basketball team when the new episode of Big Shot premieres on Disney+ on Friday, April 23. 

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