We didn’t dream this, did we? In 2020, it was announced that Sabrina Carpenter was set to star in the Netflix movie musical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. However, it’s four years later and there’s still no film …

So what happened? Keep reading to find out where the project stands today. 

What Happened to the Live-Action ‘Alice’?

It’s unclear what happened to the Netflix film — as there haven’t been any updates since it was announced back in 2020.

The last time Sabrina has talked about the film was in March 2022 when she teased to Bustle that the project will be something “no one’s ever seen before” — she wasn’t lying, since we haven’t seen it, like at all!

What Is the ‘Alice’ Film About?

In October 2020, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sabrina was set to star in an upcoming movie musical made by Netflix titled, Alice.

“The movie will be a contemporary take on the classic Lewis Carroll story,” the outlet claimed. “While details are being kept under wraps, the modern-day musical will be set against the backdrop of a music festival called ‘Wonderland.’”

What Has Sabrina Carpenter Said About ‘Alice’?

It seems the former Disney alum was super excited about the project at the time. While speaking with Interview magazine in May 2021, she exclaimed, “I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, and over the years, my fans will bring me Alice in Wonderland-themed things.”

Adding, “Someone actually sent me an original illustration from one of the original sketches from Alice in Wonderland, which is crazy.”

It seems the songstress was inspired by her supporters since she was the one who pitched the idea of the film! Speaking with Forbes in May 2021, Sabrina revealed that she sold the film adaptation to Netflix amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The passion for producing has always been there,” she explained. “I realized— film, TV, stories — a lot of people are looking to those things to bring them light and any sense of hope or joy.”

Despite the big streaming service picking up the script, Sabrina made sure not to reveal any cast members. However, she did share that she would love to have Harry Styles and Childish Gambino star in the film.

The actress told U.K. CapitalFM in March 2021 that it would be “incredible” to have the “Watermelon Sugar” singer on set.

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