Nara Smith has made a name for herself for her, well, unique baby names. The influencer shares three children with fellow model Lucky Blue Smith, and their names are Rumble Honey, Slim Easy, and most recently, Whimsy Lou Smith.

While Nara has gone viral plenty of times on TikTok for her cooking videos, where she makes food for her children from scratch — the internet is particularly fascinated by the young mom, who is 22 years old, and her love of distinctive baby names.

“These are some baby names I love but didn’t use this time around,” Nara said in an April 2024 TikTok, weeks after the birth of her third child. “For reference, our kids have pretty unique names. Our daughter’s name is Rumble Honey Smith, and our son’s name is Slim Easy Smith.”

“These might be a little out there, a little bit more controversial, but in case someone needs any ideas for their kids. These are some girls names that I loved,” she began. “We were almost going to name her Tink. And then I love the name Bow as a second name. I also really liked fruit names. So I loved the names Lemon, Plum, and Clementine. I also really liked Pippin, or Pip for short. Dottie or Dot for short, and then Ivy as well — just because that would have almost been my name.”

“Boys are a little bit trickier to name in my opinion, but we had the name Halo on our list. Dust, also Dew, Mercer, Flick,” she added. Well, we’re so obsessed with these names that we decided to assign each one to a zodiac sign — because, why not?

So, sit down, relax and scroll through our gallery to uncover which Nara Smith baby name you are based on your astrology sign.

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