We said goodbye to Vampire Diaries last year and now we can't get enough of The Originals. Here's the answers to all the questions you've been dying to ask since Season 4 ended. Fans are gearing up for the fifth (and last) season. While we're eagerly awaiting breadcrumbs of information, there's some exciting news for fans — Caroline (and Klaroline) is coming back in full force! Executive Producer Julie Plec confirmed that Candice King will be featured multiple times in the fifth season. Read on for more deets!

When does The Originals come back on?

The Originals was renewed for a fifth season on May 10, 2017 just a month or so before the fourth season ended. But as if the One Direction hiatus wasn't killing us enough, the The Originals decided to take a break before premiering the fifth season. When it does come back on, however, there will be enough vampire drama to last a lifetime.

While there's no official date for The Originals' big return, we can expect to see it back on TV sometime in 2018. TV Guide has said that the show will premiere in spring 2018.

Is The Originals canceled?

Hopefully, Season 5 will deliver. On July 20, 2017, the series creator Julie Plec announced that the fifth season will be the last season. She announced this ahead of Comic-Con in honor of the anniversary of The Vampire Diaries series finale.

Julie confirmed on Twitter that she was part of the decision to end the show, saying, "This year, we invite you to help us say goodbye to The Originals…It's both a gift and a burden to be able to control the end of a series. Many shows are not lucky enough to have a hand in deciding when the end has come."

She continued, "Celebrate with us, cry with us, visit with us, watch us next spring when we air…and know that in a show about an immortal family who believes in 'Always and Forever,' it's never really the end of the story…"

According to Julie, the final season of The Originals started filming on July 24, 2017 and it looks like filming is wrapping soon. Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies shared a sweet message from set, thanking their fans for always being there to support them.

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## Is there a _The Originals_ Season 5 trailer?

Warner Bros. premiered the trailer for the final season at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017. The teaser featured a quick montage of the last few seasons, rounding up some of _The Originals_’ best and worst moments. It all culminates in a wild reveal – Hope has majorly grown up, and she’s got something up her sleeve.

## What is _The Originals_ Season 5 about?

Remember that crazy five-year jump from Season 3 to Season 4? We’re still reeling from it. So, be prepared for some more time travel in Season 5. Of course, none of the immortal characters age, but Hope Mikaelson does! TV Guide reported that a new actress has been found to play the hybrid daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Danielle Rose Russell, the new actress, is 17 years old IRL. This means we’re in for a major time hop between Seasons 4 and 5. Creator Julie Plec confirmed at Comic Con that it will jump 8 years when Hope is 15-years-old.

Another thing we know for sure is that there’s a Klaroline reunion coming up! We last saw Caroline Forbes ([Candice Accola](https://www.j-14.com/tags/candice-accola-1678)) in _The Vampire Diaries_, where she was mourning the death of her husband, Stefan Salvatore ([Paul Wesley](https://www.j-14.com/tags/paul-wesley-1243)) and running the Salvatore School for the Gifted with Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis). That was all set in a time jump after the events in the series, so it’s unclear exactly how it matches up with _The Originals_ Season 5. What we do know is that Klaus and Caroline meet again in the [first episode](http://www.tvguide.com/news/klaroline-photo-season-5-originals/). Maybe she takes a trip to New Orleans or maybe they meet when Hope starts attending Caroline’s school. One things for sure: the episode will leave Klaroline fans reeling.

## What do we know about Caroline’s return?

During a Twitter Q&A to raise awareness for Puerto Rico recovery, Julie Plec answered fan questions. She confirmed that Caroline will return throughout the entire season — not just one episode — and that Klaus and Caroline fans will get plenty of fodder to geek out over.

She revealed that fans will get to see Klaus' more vulnerable side.

And then, Julie teased a major Klaroline moment that sounds super emotional. We're already preparing to sob.

Are there any new characters in The Originals?

For the exciting final season, the show is getting three new characters. TVLine reports that there's a new kid on the block named Landon, "a thoughtful, romantic kid desperate to escape his broken home and the small southern town in which it stands." Apparently Landon has a shady past that will lead him into the world of the supernatural. However, he won't be appearing until the end of Season 5. If there's a spin-off in the works, he might get to continue his story on that show.

As far as other new characters, everyone's favorite mother-daughter duo will both be getting love interests. Hayley has a "friends with benefits" named Declan (Torrance Coombs from Reign) and Hope has moments with a boy from school named Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre). You might recognize Roman from being Chad Charming in Descendants! While talking with Entertainment Weekly, the cast spilled new details about the new guys. Roman is a freshly turned vampire who "becomes curious about Hope’s family after she’s involved in a mysterious incident at school." Declan is a flirty Irish chef who has no idea that New Orleans has a supernatural side to it. Looks like Season 5 is heating up!

As more and more footage is filmed and edited, there's sure to be more season five sneak peeks and trailers. If you think about it, spring 2018 isn't that far away. Imagine having to wait a thousand years, like the immortals did. That would be killer.

This post was originally published on October 24, 2017 and has since been updated.

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