Just call Josh Allen a California boy! The NFL star grew up with a close-knit family on the west coast before becoming a total football star.

Keep reading for all the details on his hometown and more. 

Where Is Josh Allen From?

The football star grew up in Firebaugh, California, where he spent time on his family’s farm.

“It’s a small town, everybody knows everybody and news travels fast,” Josh told ESPN in 2017. “It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything because it kind of shaped who I am today.”

His dad, Joel Allen, joked that his eldest son would have been a “fourth-generation” farmer. “But I don’t think he’s coming back to the farm,” Joel added.

Where Is Josh Allen From? Details on the NFL Star's California Hometown
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Following his Firebaugh High School graduation in 2014, Josh attended Reedley College before transferring to the University of Wyoming. He then entered the NFL draft in 2018 where he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills (where he currently plays).

What Has Josh Allen Said About His Hometown?

The football player explained how growing up in the small town and working alongside his father on the farm helped him immensely in terms of his career.

“It instilled a work ethic,” Josh told ESPN. “Seeing my dad wake up super early when the sun wasn’t even out and then coming home when the sun was set, he worked his tail off to provide for our family and did a great job. He’s the most selfless man I know, and I think if I’m half the man he is, I’ll be all right in this world.”

However it seems Josh was already a hard worker, even before he became a household name.

“No one works harder at his craft than Josh does,” Josh’s uncle Todd Allen, told the Los Angeles Times in January 2021. “I don’t care what it is — baseball, basketball, football, and he was a swimmer in the summers too. I just can’t say enough about him.”

Even now, Josh is still supporting his hometown. Over the years, he’s assisted with raising money for Firebaugh High School. In 2021, they raised $100,000 for the school.

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