Are you obsessed with the Elevator Boys yet?

The boy band is made up of Tim Schaecker, Bene Schulz, Jacob Rott, Julien Brown and Luis Freitag, who all hail from and still live in Germany. Often compared to One Direction, the group got their start on TikTok and is just starting to pick up some international stardom. Keep reading to learn more about the Elevator Boys!

How Did the Elevator Boys Get their Start?

In 2021, those five young men stood out as major influencers on the social media scene. With their striking good looks, trendy hairstyles and chaotic and fun camaraderie, they were among the earliest and most prominent creators on the platform.

Each of them cultivated their own following by sharing TikToks featuring popular trends like short dances, #POV scenarios, and Get Ready With Me content. Together, they’ve garnered an impressive billion likes.

“We decided to move in together and one day we took this selfie in an elevator because the lighting was amazing,” Jacob told British GQ. “The fans loved it and from then on labelled us the Elevator Boys. So we ran with it. That’s sort of what made us come together.”

In early 2023, the Elevator Boys unveiled their very first single “Runaway” at the British Summertime Ball.

“Performing it in front of 80,000 people at Wembley was surreal,” Luis told the outlet.

Since then, the boys’ popularity has only skyrocketed, and they’ve released two new singles in 2024, including “Parachute” and “Ruin Me.”

“We’re so aware of where we come from, the whole social media background, which was very nice for us in the beginning,” Jacob told WSVN in April 2024. And then on the way, we found a way to do music and we love it and we want to make it as big as possible.”

“Basically like we said our main goal is becoming a boy band and really learning, you know, the art behind doing music,” Julien added. “And definitely long-term goal is to perform live someday.”

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