Ever since Kenny Ortega‘s debuted hit Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms in September 2020, fans have been obsessed with Charles Gillespie. The actor — who played Luke in the musical series about a ghostly boyband that comes back to life  — stole viewers’ hearts the second he started singing “Edge of Great.”

The actor first stepped into the spotlight in 2014 with a role in The Outlaw League. When it came to nabbing his Julie and the Phantoms role years later, Charles revealed that the script gave him “butterflies.”

“I think every actor feels that once in a while you’ll read a script and you’ll be done reading it, and there’s butterflies that’ll stick around with you,” he told Entertainment Tonight during an interview published on September 16. “It’s something that just struck with your values, that you can relate with and I was definitely there. When I went to the end of the first episode, the relationship between the Phantoms and Julie, I could just tell that these two groups were going to be absolutely amazing friends.”

While the show was sadly canceled after one season in 2021, the actor spoke about some of his hopes for a possible season 2 back in 2020.

“I really hope that if we do get a season 2, to let my superpowers grow,” the actor also told ET, noting that he hopes for more between his character and Julie (played by Madison Reyes). “He’s smitten about her, I can guarantee you. But they’re ghosts, so it’s impossible because I don’t know, he’s dead.”

Charles continued, “It’s hard because he’s a ghost and she’s a girl. I think what’s so beautiful about season 1 is you know it’s there, the energy is there, the chemistry is there but there are very specific moments where my character figures it out, there’s a specific moment where her character figures it out and they became best friends. They write music together you know? And so, I think it’s a great message for people to realize — make sure you’re best friends with somebody before you continue, before we really ask that question on the show. So I’m excited to see what the [writers] have in mind for what’s next.”

Despite the show’s cancelation, fans are still just as obsessed with Charles ‚ so,  J-14 decided to investigate and find out everything you need to know about the Hollywood heartthrob. From his age to where you can follow him on social media, scroll through our gallery for everything you need to know about Charles.

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