BFFS! Dove Cameron just posted a sweet photo with her best friend Veronica St. Clair and immediately, the internet is obsessed! 

In the Wednesday, April 7, Instagram post, Dove posted a photo of her and Veronica holding pinkies with their foreheads touching. The caption read: “My girl, my world. happy birthday from 8,000 miles away . us, forever.”  

In the comments of the post, fans share their love of the duo’s friendship. One user commented, “Soulmates don’t choose each other, they born just to BE from each other and that’s you two.”

It didn’t take long for fans to share their love for the duo. “Soulmates don’t choose each other, [they’re] born just to BE from each other and that’s you two,” one user commented. 

The two have been friends for many years, with Veronica even starring in Dove’s 2013 music video for “Better in Stereo,” where they are seen biking together, blowing bubbles and dancing. Since then, they have maintained their friendship and continue to post photos of one another on Instagram, wishing the other happy birthday or calling the other their “person.”

In one happy birthday post by Veronica, she writes, “Happy Birthday, my Chlo!!! To me you are moonlight swims; Parisian sunrises; tears of joy; giant spoonfuls of tapioca pudding; and laughing very hard, very often, and sometimes during very inappropriate moments (hehehe). I love you.”

Veronica, 28, is an actress best known for playing Riley in NBC’s La Brea and also starring in 13 Reasons Why and To the Beat! She’s been in the industry since she was a kid, auditioning for Disney Channel movies and shows which is when she probably met her BFF.

After starring on La Brea, the actress sat down with A Book of Us where she talked about her love for acting. “As long as I can cognizantly remember, I wanted to be an actor. But it wasn’t until I was 18 honestly that I was like actually this could be a viable career path. Or rather what I thought was if I’m going to be here on Earth, and I only have so much time here on Earth, I might as well be doing something that I love to be doing. You know?”

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