Hunter Schafer has become one of the most sought-after actresses since landing her role as Jules in HBO hit series Euphoria, and even dated her costar, Dominic Fike, while starring in season 2 of the show. However, the pair have since gone their separate ways. So, is the Hunger Games prequel actress seeing anyone new? Keep reading for a breakdown of Hunter’s love life.

Is Hunter Schafer Single?

Looking at her social media pages, it appears that the actress is currently single.

“I haven’t spent more than three or four years in the same city, except for Raleigh when I was growing up,” Hunter reflected on her relationships in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar from December 2021.

“But since then it’s been these little pockets of special, intense relationships,” she continued. “Parents and siblings, my first friends in New York, my first love. And now my Euphoria family, the community I’ve found in Los Angeles. Not to say I’ve left the previous relationships behind, but I believe in ebbing and flowing. People need each other in a really special way sometimes, and then that need falls away as you both move forward in life. What’s left is the love and the care that carries on.”

While Hunter hasn’t been super public with her relationships, she did reveal which singer she secretly dated in 2019. The actress told GQ in April 2024 that she was in a five-month relationship with Rosalía.

“It’s been speculation so long,” Hunter said. “Part of us just wants to get it over with, and then another part is like, ‘It’s none of anybody’s f—king business!’”

Despite keeping it under wraps for all these years, she admits now, “It’s something that I’m happy to share. And I think she feels the same way too.”

When Did Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike Break Up?

Hunter and Dominic originally sparked romance rumors in January 2022, when they were spotted holding hands. From then, they were seen on multiple occasions per red carpet events and even showed each other off on social media.

Dominic confirmed their relationship during a May 2022 interview with GQ, explaining how the two fell in love on the Euphoria season 2 set.

“In those moments, your relationship is accelerated because you’re so vulnerable with someone, immediately. Which usually takes a long time,” the singer explained. “Some people fall in love, like, f—king months after they meet, or years after. We developed an attraction — it sped it up so fast. We just really got to know each other so quickly.”

However, the costar-to-couple relationship didn’t last very long, as Dominic revealed he was “done” being in relationships in July 2023.

“I’m just done being in relationships right now, and I’ve always been in these public relationships dude. Have you noticed that? Jesus f–king Christ. Can I give it a break?” he shared on Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “It’s not that hard to not date a f–king other famous person. I’m just saying my f–king — I’m always folding on that because every time I go through a breakup now it’s like I got to see somebody on a damn billboard.”

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