If you follow Olivia Rodrigo on Instagram, you have definitely seen Iris Apatow. The “happier” singer has happily paraded her bestie on her social media and has been friends with her forever. So, who is Iris?

Liv’s bestie is also Maude Apatow‘s sister! That’s right, the actress who plays Lexi from Euphoria is Iris’ older sister. Not only that, but Iris and Maude have famous parents too: Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow. The sisters even starred in many movies while growing up alongside their mother and directed by their father, including Knocked Up, This Is 40 and Funny People. Recently, Iris starred in  her father’s movie on Netflix called The Bubble.

“I really have great influences with what I want to do which is really special,” she told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022. During that interview, she was also asked about her boyfriend Ryder Robinson, who also just happens to be Kate Hudson‘s son!

“Our families have known each other since we were babies and I just didn’t really pay him any mind,” she laughed. “Recently, I don’t know, he got cuter. He’s an angel.” So sweet!

The Bubble actress has touched upon working with her parents now as an adult rather than as a kid for Interview Magazine in April 2022. “Working with them as an 18-year-old, I felt the weight and the expectations to really do my part and work hard, because I was in such a privileged situation,” she explained.

“I wasn’t six anymore, I couldn’t laugh around and not memorize my lines. That’s what made it amazing, because we all worked together and very hard as a family. I had dad every day with me on set, but when mom would come in, it was so nice. Everyone kind of wants their mom at work sometimes! So, I was in a situation where I could have the comfort of my mom, and it was really nice to eat lunch with her and stuff. It’s definitely something I’m very lucky to have in my life, memories of working with my family throughout my life, especially at my age it’s really cool to look back on.”

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