Kayla DiVenere is just getting started. The 20-year-old singer just released her single “Small Talk,” but it’s been no ~small~ feat breaking into the music world. As an actress known for shows such as Love, Victor and Law & Order, the singer-songwriter has an alt-leaning pop sound that reminiscent of artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Maisie Peters.

Keep reading to learn more about Kayla.

Who Is Kayla DiVenere?

Known for roles in Law & Order, Hulu’s Love Victor and Light as a Feather, as well as feature films such as Under the Silver Lake.

She released her debut track “Justin Bieber” in 2020, and has since released a handful of other singles such as “Date Myself” and “Jumping the Gun.” Of her musical influences, she references The 1975 and the GUTS songstress herself.

“I’ve been really into The 1975 recently and of course Olivia Rodrigo,” she said Poptize in 2023. “I love her relatable concepts and titles and you just feel so good when you scream her lyrics. Yeah, I love The 1975’s structure, and their Sonics are crazy. I’ve been really trying to mix the two lately and it’s been really interesting.”

Kayla grew up in Montreal, Canada, until eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and musical endeavors.

“I totally got made fun of for my Canadian accent, and I remember being so self conscious of it in high school that I looked up YouTube videos on how to have an American accent,” she told Ramble Magazine in March 2024. “Other than that, I just fell in love with the sunshine and the music community that exists in LA. I truly think it’s one of the best places in the world. I’m so inspired everyday by all the Angelinos who’ve migrated here to make their dreams come true. Everyone dreams big in LA and it’s so beautiful to be around.”

The singer-songwriter also reflected on her differing relationship with acting and singing.

“With acting, you kind of fall into the role or the script and it’s all written out for you and you just put yourself into that world,” she began. “With music, it’s a lot more internal and you have to channel what you’re feeling inside and it’s a lot more personal and vulnerable. Also you have a lot more control which I really like. You decide what you make and you see the whole process from start to finish and you release it which I really like because having no control is really scary.”

Her latest track “Small Talk” is out now, and available for streaming on all music platforms.

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