Laufey is everywhere these days! The Icelandic singer, whose full name is Laufey Lín Bing Jónsdóttir, is singlehandedly reviving the Jazz genre right now. On top of that, the Gen Z songstress just won her very first Grammy award. Keep reading to learn more about Laufey.

Who Is Laufey?

Laufey, 24, was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, on April 23, 1999, making her a Taurus. The singer-songwriter comes from a very musical family, and actually performed a cello solo at the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at just age 15. She was also a finalist in Iceland’s Got Talent in 2014 and a semi-finalist on The Voice Iceland the following year.

She moved from Iceland to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, where she graduated from in 2021. Laufey released her debut album, Everything I Know About Love, in 2022, and her second album Bewitched in 2023. Laufey won her very first Grammy award in February 2024, for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

One of the Icelandic singer’s biggest goals is to “bring jazz and classical music to my generation.”

“I definitely set out to specifically make sure that Gen Z heard my music, and… ‘market it to them; sounds really bleak, but, you know, to make sure that those were the first ears hearing it,” she told Variety in December 2023. “Because there are so many amazing jazz singers and more traditional singers that already serve an older audience.”

She continued, “And growing up, I loved the Great American Songbook so much, and that kind of sound, but I felt like there was no one kind of on the pop scene doing that… no one there for, like, jazz or Great American Songbook-adjacent music. So I became the singer that I wanted to look up to: somebody who made music that maybe sounded maybe older, but was very much just a living, breathing, 24-year-old person … a girl.”

Fun fact: Laufey has an identical twin named Junia, who is beloved by fans on social media for her hilarious TikTok videos of herself and her sister.

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