Have you watched Hierarchy on Netflix yet? The K-drama is like a mixture between The Heirs and Euphoria, and one actor in particular has been gaining a lot of attention from viewers: introducing Lee Won-jung, who plays Woo-Jin!

Who Is Lee Won-jung?

Lee Won-jung, is a South Korean actor born on February 14, 2001 — making an Aquarius. He is known for his roles in dramas such as New Normal Zine, Live On, I:LOVE:DM, Bio Homme and My Perfect Stranger.

During a May 2024 episode of Knowing Brothers, Won-jung revealed that he was offered “7 or 8 times” to become a K-pop idol trainee at HYBE (BTS’ music company). However, he refused as he wanted to focus on his acting career.

Who Does Lee Won-jung Play in ‘Hierarchy’?

Won-jung plays Lee Woo-jin in the Netflix series, the heir of a political powerhouse.

ICYMI, Hierarchy takes place at a fictional school called Jooshin High School reigns as the crown jewel of South Korea’s educational realm, its prestige etched into the very fabric of society. Among the elite roster are luminaries like Jung Jae-Yi, scion of the Jaeyool Group; Kim Ri-An, the designated heir to Jooshin’s empire; Yoon He-Ra, heir of the International Yoon trading dynasty; and Lee Woo-Jin the political powerhouse heir.

However, the arrival of Kang Ha at Jooshin High School heralds a seismic shift. Behind his beguiling smile lies a cryptic secret, casting ripples through the hallowed halls and shattering the veneer of perfection that once defined the school’s realm.


Will There Be a ‘Hierarchy’ Season 2?

While the fate of Hierarchy’s future hangs in the balance, the initial decree from Netflix branded it a “limited series,” suggesting just one season in the spotlight. Yet, with its nail-biting finale leaving viewers dangling, the potential for a sequel is ripe with possibility.

In the realm of K-dramas, where fan fervor reigns supreme, and Netflix’s penchant for extending the saga, the odds tilt towards a continuation. So, buckle up for the rollercoaster ride of speculation, because in the world of Hierarchy, twists and turns abound, and nothing is off the table!

Is Lee Won-Jung Single?

It appears that the actor is currently single, folks, as he has never been romantically linked to anyone publicly.

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