There has been a lot of speculation around Lili Reinhart‘s love life ever since she got launched into the spotlight as a result of her hit show Riverdale becoming a huge success. As one of the most popular leading ladies on The CW drama, fans have had quite a field day shipping her character Betty Cooper with guys from the show – Jughead Jones being the most popular choice. However, Lili has started to think the whole shipping thing has gone way too far. Now, it’s not the Bughead shipping that irks her (after all, they’re just characters). It’s the real-life shipping and prying that Lili believes has gotten way out of hand.

Betty and Jughead aren’t the only ones whose love story fans are obsessed with. After rumors flew around that Lili and Cole Sprouse were an item, fans became super invested. In fact, some people are convinced it’s Lili and K.J. Apa who are meant to be. And quite frankly, Lili is sick of hearing it. The actress took to her Tumblr page to share a post, in which she explains why her love life does not need to be shared with the world.

riverdale bughead kiss

“It’s horrifying how invested some people are in my love life,” Lili wrote. “Emphasis on ‘my.’ It is mine. It is private. If a stranger’s love life is causing you anger, frustration or anxiety… please reevaluate your priorities. I also want to point out that there is a difference between shipping Betty and other characters, and shipping me with literally everyone I make eye contact with. There are so many other things to focus your attention and energy on.”

Whether or not there is IRL romance within the Riverdale cast, Lili wants it to be private moving forward. Although, something tells us fans are still going to be interested. Especially when Season 2 premieres next week and the characters all experience more dating drama on the show.

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