Everyone’s next artist to watch should be Remi Wolf. The 28-year-old singer is one of Gen Z’s favorite indie artists, known for her funky sound, quirky style and zany lyrics — and she’s set to release her 2nd full-length album in July. Keep reading to learn more about Remi!

Who Is Remi Wolf?

Remi was born in Palo Santo, California, on February 2, 1996 — making her an Aquarius. Prior to music, Remi was actually on the road to being a competitive skier, as she represented the US in alpine skiing at the Youth Olympic Games for two consecutive years when she was around 8 years old.

She created her first band when she was 14, called Remi and Chloe — which was later changed to Remi, Chloe, & The Extracts.

While she was in high school, Remi appeared in the 13th season of American Idol, but didn’t make it past the audition rounds. She later attended the USC Thornton School of Music, where she graduated from in 2018. She’s been releasing music since 2019, dropping her first full-length album Juno in 2021. She’s set to drop her sophomore album Big Ideas in July 2024.

During an interview with Paper Magazine in 2022, Remi explained how she often uses music writing as a means to channel her feelings. In fact, her 2022 track “Liquor Store” was the first song she wrote upon returning to L.A. after her time in a rehab center to treat alcohol addiction.

“After we finished [writing the song], my hurt had eased a bit,” she told Paper. “I emerged out the other end feeling good and accomplished. If I am hurting, I just need to write a song and I’ll feel at least 50% better, which is pretty good.”

“I go through my hard shit and I try to smile through it as much as I can because I don’t want to fucking wallow in my misery,” she told the outlet. “I want to get it out and cleanse it so that I can keep living. In that sense, I think my music has been really cathartic for me to make. I’ve been told that people feel the catharsis, so that’s great.”

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