Reneé Rapp often goes viral for her hilarious, no-nonsense personality — but her song “Poison Poison” might be the funniest thing she’s ever done. Since the song was released, fans have been dying to know who the hate track is about.

Keep reading for fan theories on who “Poison Poison” could be about.

What Is Reneé Rapp’s ‘Poison Poison’ About?

“Poison Poison” is the third track off Reneé’s debut album, Snow Angel, which was released in August 2023.

In the track, the Mean Girls star talks about a friend’s betrayal that ultimately leads to their falling out. However, she isn’t feeling quite forgiving towards this ex-friend — in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“You get on my nerves, you’re so f–king annoying, you could poison poison,” she sings in the first verse. “You’re the worst person on earth, forgiving you is pointless, you could poison poison, baby girl.”

However, it’s the end of the song that often goes viral on TikTok, and whenever Reneé performs the song live, fans love to scream-sing it with her.


poison poison in toronto actually murdered me 🫢 @reneé #reneerapp #snowhardfeelings #snowhardfeelingstour #toronto #reneerappsupremacy

♬ original sound – g

“You’re the worst bitch on the earth, I hate you and your guts,” she declares. “I think you should shut the f–k up and die. You get on my nerves, f–k you, you dumb bitch. F–k you, f–k you, f–k you.”

During an interview with The Guardian, Reneé revealed she anticipated criticism for the song upon releasing it.

“Some people could listen to it and say: ‘How the f–k could you write a song like this? Why are you tearing down other women?’”

She stressed that the issue is one of “women tearing down women in front of men. Trust me, I have not been out-girlbossed.”

Who Is Reneé Rapp’s ‘Poison Poison’ About? Fan Theories

Fans have been dying to know who “Poison Poison” is about since it dropped, but we don’t think Reneé will ever confirm who is behind the song’s inspiration.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from guessing! In one Reddit thread, fans discussed the many ~poisonous~ possibilities — one being that it’s someone from Reneé’s hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I saw a whole bunch of tweets around her hometown show (Charlotte) saying things like ‘I hope you scream the outro extra loud tonight’ and such,” one Reddit user wrote. “She even quote tweeted one of them and said it was very direct and pointed. So I assume someone from her childhood/high school years.”

The post the user refers to was one that Reneé shared following her Charlotte show in October 2023.

Reneé wrote, “trust it was very direct and pointed,” in response to fan that posted: “hope you yelled poison poison outro so loud yesterday night.”

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