Who plays Clarisse La Rue in the newest adaptation of Percy Jackson on Disney+? Dior Goodjohn plays the character that fans love to hate and hate to love — and she does an amazing job at it! Keep reading to learn more about Dior. 

Who Does Dior Goodjohn Play In ‘Percy Jackson’ Disney+ Show?

Dior plays Clarissa La Rue, the daughter of Ares and head of the Ares cabin at Camp Half-Blood — who is constantly antagonizing Percy.

ICYMI, the show stars Walker Scobell as Percy, Leah Jeffries as Annabeth and Aryan Simhadri as Grover, among so many others, and premiered on Disney+ in December 2023.

Rick Riordan, the author of the original book series that the show is based on, was closely involved in the Disney+ adaptation alongside his wife, Becky.

“Right from the beginning, this has been as much about a partnership, a collaboration, a relationship to make sure that everyone who comes to work on the show knows this is a family business,” showrunner John Steinberg shared during New York Comic Con in October 2023. “This is a story that was hatched from a very personal place. As big as it is and as complicated and as many moving pieces … that’s always where its heart is going to be.”

Who Is Dior Goodjohn?

Dior, 17, was born on August 17, 2006 — making her a Leo. Prior to Percy Jackson, the actress was best known for her roles in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Glee and her breakthrough role playing Robyn Rook on the TV series Head of the Class in 2021.

During an interview with Pop Culturalist in 2021, Dior spoke about how she discovered her love of acting.

“It was definitely an innate thing. I never really had to discover it,” she began. “It’s just been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I guess you could say the origin story is my mom and dad watching me act out scenes from my favorite TV shows and sing and dance all over the house when I was little.”

On top of acting, Dior is also a talented musician and singer, often posting music covers on her social media accounts.

“I know this may sound kind of cocky, but I never really had to force my talents,” she told the outlet. “No matter what it is you are trying to cultivate, you need to put hard work in. However, when it came to anything involving the arts I never had an issue with taking extra time out of my day to perfect my craft. I definitely think that’s the reason I was able to stay in the world of entertainment for so long without wanting to give up—because it didn’t feel like a chore. I was just doing what I loved on a daily basis. All of it is what I was born to do.”

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