The Disney+ Goosebumps series is full of up-and-coming stars, including Will Price. The actor appears as Lucas in the series, which premiered on the streaming service in October 2023.

Keep reading for everything to know about Will. 

Who Is Will Price?

The actor, born in 2000, is new to the Hollywood scene. While he has a few roles under his belt, Goosebumps might just turn him into a household name.

Ahead of his acting career, Will graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He’s an infrequent social media poster, so not much is known about Will’s personal life.

Who Is Playing Lucas in 'Goosebumps' Series? Actor Will Price's Roles, More
Will Price/ Instagram

What Else Has Will Price Starred In?

Before nabbing his role in Goosebumps, Will appeared in The Mosquito Coast, The Equalizer, The Endgame, Brave the Dark and Isle Child.

When it comes to playing Lucas in the Disney+ series, the show’s producers brought more “modernized” elements into the series — including having Lucas be a skateboarder with a dangerous streak.

“We make nods to the 90s, when the books first came out. Those original fans who loved the books when they were kids still love them to this day,” executive producer Rob Letterman told The New York Post in October 2023. “And now, they’re in their 30s and 40s. We wanted the show to appeal to not only younger audiences, but also adults — with or without kids.”

Of course, the biggest difference between the show and the books is the characters’ ages.

“We wanted to age it up a bit,” executive producer Nicholas Stoller shared in the same interview, explaining that the Goosebumps novels by R.L. Stine followed middle schoolers.

“One of the things we’re exploring is that, when you’re a teen, you’re becoming an adult. So, we thought that making it high school aged wouldn’t affect the storytelling, except in a positive way, to dive into that theme, and age up the series a bit,” he added. “From a storytelling standpoint, the kids can do stuff that they wouldn’t be able to do, if they were middle school kids. A lot of our touchstones weren’t just horror, but also the great teen stuff.”

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