If you’re like 116 million other people who follow Billie Eilish‘s Instagram account, you probably were a bit confused logging onto the app on April 4, 2024. The singer-songwriter allowed all of her followers onto her close friends Instagram Story, endlessly confusing and exciting millions of fans. Keep reading to see why!

Why Am I On Billie Eilish’s Close Friends Story?

We hate to break it to you, but Billie does not personally know you nor did she select you specifically to be on her private story — all of her Instagram followers were put onto her close friends list.

As of April 5, the “bad guy” singer has posted two photos so far: one grainy pic of a hand and another of her new stomach tattoo. Along with adding her followers into her private IG Stories, she also recently made her Instagram profile icon a bright blue color.

It appears Billie is seemingly teasing a new era of music, as she has hinted about her upcoming album several times over the past few months and confirmed it had been mastered in February 2024.

On top of that, prior to the IG close friends confusion, fans reported that a number of billboards that seemingly linked to Billie have been spotted in major cities throughout the world.

Instagram/Billie Eilish

While her name wasn’t featured in the images, several of her signatures, including her “blohsh” symbol, were spotted alongside possible lyrics: “Did I cross the line?” — “I try to live in black and white” and “She’s the headlights I’m the deer.”

What’s more, the billboard signs are in blue lettering — which match the color in Billie’s new social media profiles.

When Is Billie Eilish Releasing Album No. 3?

Billie has yet to announce a release date, or the name, of her third album — but she’s confirmed it’s officially “mixed and mastered.”

Last year, the pop signer opened up about what had changed in the creative process while working on her third album.

“Everything is different about it,” she said of the music making process while appearing as a guest on Dua Lipa‘s “At Your Service” podcast in August 2023.

“I’ve been trying to compare recently, just because I’m getting used to doing it in a different way. And trying to be like, ‘It’s OK to do that. I’m OK. I’m still able to do that; I’m capable still.’”

Her last album Happier Than Ever was released in July 2021, and she’s also had a few music drops since — including her Oscar-winning 2023 hit song “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie movie.

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