Miley Cyrus kept the lights on Disney Channel for years, playing our fav fictional pop star Hannah Montana while sacrificing her childhood for our own. That being said, the singer-actress has been focusing on her music career over the past few years, and won her first Grammy in 2024. So, does that mean she’s done with acting? Keep reading for what she’s said!

Is Miley Cyrus Done with Acting?

The former child star, now 31, revealed that she actually would act again if the right opportunity arose.

“I would like to act again,” she said during an interview W Magazine in June 2024. “But the role would really need to be right, since it’s kind of hard for people to see past me and buy into a character. The character would either need to be an extension of myself, or someone—or something—with a personality that can conquer my own. I would need a character that is bigger than me.”

The “Flowers” singer also spoke about being honored at the 2024 Disney Legends Awards Ceremony for having “pushed the envelope of creativity, challenged conventional wisdom, and broken the restraints of the status quo.”

“It’s a place to celebrate the journey of both being on and graduating from Disney. It was a great, safe experience overall,” Miley said of her time on the children’s network. “People have 50- or 60-year-long careers, but mine has been close to 20 years, and I’m 31. I have been in the public for more of my life than I haven’t. They say that the creative adult is the child who survived. I worked really hard as a child. I didn’t go to prom. I didn’t go to dances. I didn’t have so much of that social experience or time for friends.”

She added, “Disney, they were doing very well off of the amount of work that I was putting in as a child. I don’t have any bad feelings about that. It’s just the truth. And so I think they have to give me this award. I’m excited to celebrate that with the fans.”

Miley also spoke about her long overdue win at the 2024 Grammys for “Flowers”  the best-selling global single of 2023.

“No shade,” she began, “but I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and this is my first time actually being taken seriously at the Grammys? I’ve had a hard time figuring out what the measurement is there, because if we want to talk stats and numbers, then where the f–k was I? And if you want to talk, like, impact on culture, then where the f–k was I? This is not about arrogance. I am proud of myself.”

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