Get up, let’s go! Today’s WinIt Wednesday, which means that you’re in for a chance to win a special prize.

Let’s play a game! Guess which One Direction guy we’re talking about. Okay, here we go! He’s an all-around good guy. He too felt (and still feels!) the pain of the band’s breakup. He’s a hands-on dad and loving boyfriend to his gorgeous singer-girlfriend. He’s the sensitive one. The good boy. The one mama wants you to bring home to dinner.

Give up? We’re talking about Liam Payne of course.

And with that, we’re giving one (1) lucky fan the chance to win a Signed Liam Payne Poster featuring the artwork from his solo digital single “Strip That Down.” Who better than Liam to hang on your wall, in your locker, or anywhere that you want to let Liam shine for all to see. Liam is someone to idolize and ogle at. So, what better than to have Liam in poster form. And look, you didn’t even have to wait on line at the crack of dawn to get his autograph. We have it all wrapped up and ready to go to one of you. Enter HERE now to submit you entries. You have until November 6, 2017 to enter — that’ll be here before you know it.

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