This past weekend, I finally went to go see Wonder Woman in theaters. I hail Gal Gadot as though she is my queen and I am thrilled by the success of a feminist film at the box office. The movie lived up to all my expectations, and by the time the credits began to scroll, I was convinced it was time to quit my day job to fight the evils of the world instead. However, I felt this nagging feeling that I had met Princess Diana before. Walking home from the theater, I tried to pinpoint what it was about the character that gave me serious feelings of déjà vu. Then, it suddenly hit me: Diana of Themyscira and Moana of Motunui are the same person.

OK, hear me out with this conspiracy theory, because I know I sound ridiculous. But there are way too many similarities for there NOT to be some legitimate connection between the iconic roles. Even the names "Diana" and "Moana" sound alike! And is it just me, or do the heroines look like they go to the same place to get their long, dark, and wavy hair done?! So I’ve gathered my evidence in an organized fashion, and here’s what we know. (Though be warned: there are a ton of spoilers here!)

Both Diana and Moana come from a similar background.

The characters Diana and Moana were raised on isolated, self-sufficient islands, known as Themyscira and Motunui, respectively. Diana is the daughter of the king of the Greek gods (AKA, you know, Zeus) and the queen of the island. Meanwhile, Moana is the daughter of the king and queen of the island.

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Diana’s mother and Moana’s father both try to convince their own daughters that the world of the island, which exists within the realm of safety, is where they belong. However, the girls know in their hearts that they were meant for so much more — they just don't know what for, yet.

Diana and Moana are propelled into their personal journeys through the same series of events.

In both films, the female protagonists are shielded from the truth by their parents: Diana’s mother and Moana’s father prohibit them from learning the histories of their islands. In Wonder Woman, Ares attempted to usurp Zeus's power, and Diana's people (the Amazons) have been training to retaliate since then. In Moana, Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti, and Moana's people have been subject to the abundant dark forces ever since.

Then, extended family members — Diana’s aunt and Moana’s grandmother — enlighten the girls to the facts. Diana’s aunt and Moana’s grandmother recognize their individual potentials for greatness and urge them to realize their own destinies. Diana learns that she must go after Ares and restore peace to the world, while Moana discovers that she must find Maui and return the heart to Te Fiti to reverse the curse on the island.

After teaching Diana and Moana what they need to know, the aunt and the grandmother both unexpectedly die, and these sudden deaths are what urge both characters to begin their journeys in honor of these women who shaped who they are.

Diana’s and Moana’s journeys are seriously similar.

In both movies, the heroines leave the islands they've always called home for the first time ever in their lives. They travel by boat, sailing great distances to reach the rest of civilization. Both Diana and Moana are accompanied by male sidekicks, Steve (Chris Pine) and Maui (Dwayne Johnson), respectively. Led by the female protagonists but aided in essential ways by their newfound allies, the pairs travel together. Along the way, Diana and Moana instill goodness and positive values in the hearts of the previously cold men.

maui and steve - disney and warner bros

By the closings of the movies, Diana and Moana find the strength and learn the skills necessary to rise to the occasion and defeat their particular villains. Steve and Maui are both willing to sacrifice themselves to help the protagonists the best that they can. Ultimately, Diana and Moana emerge victorious from the most important battles of their lives.

Super long story short, Wonder Woman (2017) and Moana (2016) are basically the same movie, except the first has more action scenes and the latter is animated and includes music. So clearly, the only valid explanation here is that Diana and Moana must literally be the same person. Really, is there any other possible justification for ALL these similarities?? Please, lmk!!!!

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