Don't say that Jennette McCurdy never reveals her brutally honest feelings on Twitter. The Sam & Cat star tweeted early this morning that she can't stand looking at her ex-boyfriend's face! How's that for honesty?

Yikes, imagine if he read that tweet!

Jennette didn't name names, but we can only assume that she's talking about Andre Drummond, her most famous ex. She started dating the Detroit Pistons basketball player after they struck up a cute Instagram flirtation last fall. Although they didn't date for very long, they dated very publicly, leaving behind a trail of adorable tweets, Instagram photos, and Vine videos.

While there's no guarantee that he's the ex she can't stand to look at, it seems pretty likely. After she broke up with the NBA star, Jennette spilled some embarrassing details about their relationship — even outing him as a bad kisser. Um, totally awkward!

Who do you think Jennette is tweeting about? Do think it's appropriate for her to be bashing her ex on Twitter? Spill in the comments!

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