Oh, Zac Efron. Every millennial kid would probably agree the High School Musical alum is the most perfect specimen of our time, as he's really got it all. Incredibly handsome face? Extremely fit bod? The voice of an angel? Check, check, and check. While we're all used to seeing Zac on screen, who wouldn't dream of coming face to face with the famous hottie? Goals, right?

Now, you may think you know everything about Zac. But what you actually might be surprised by is his height, since it's kind of hard to tell someone is when you're only used to seeing them on-screen in movies. Google tells us he's 5'8", but seeing him standing next to his super tall Hollywood friends really puts things into perspective. Zendaya for one, who is Zac's on-screen love interest in The Greatest Showman, has got a couple inches on the cutie. But tbh, who wouldn't really know just by watching the movie! It's the pictures that really prove it…

Now, join us as we take a look at people towering over Zac to get a real understanding of what it would look like if you saw Zac in the flesh.

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