Zac Efron made the world weep with the sappy kisses he planted on Vanessa Hudgens during his Disney Channel High School Musical days. But now, he's older, more mature and ready to take on bigger love scenes. Of course, he's had his fair share of on-screen make outs and love interests since High School Musical, but nothing quite compares to his smooch with Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson. The male co-stars laid one on each other underwater during their rendition of Baywatch and it was seriously everything. But, it wasn't enough – for Zac at least.

The heartthrob chatted with Vogue and answered 73 questions about himself including his worst habit, what he'd do if he wasn't an actor, his favorite High School Musical moment, AND which actor or actress in Hollywood he's just dying to do a love scene. Zanessa shippers hoped it would be Vanessa and we kind of hoped it would be the Olympic gymnast, Simone Biles. (Remember when he flew to Rio to surprise her during the games?) But, both of those guesses were pretty far off the mark. Zac answered, "The Rock. Finish what we started." Okay, so maybe we don't blame him. The Rock is super good looking and they already had great on-screen chemistry.

zac the rock kiss

LOL. Obviously, Zac and The Rock became super close while working together. If we weren't mistaken these two really could have a thing for each other. Kidding. But really, back at the end of May Zac tweeted, "YOU are BREATHtakingly beautiful. No makeup. You're perfect. Just the way you are. ?


We can't imagine what their love scene would look like or what kind of movie this would ever happen in. But, if Zac ever gets his wish, we'll be the first in line at the movie theater. It would be the love scene to end all love scenes. It may even top the puppy love relationship he had during High School Musical that made us fall head over heels for him in the first place. Just sayin'.

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