Imagine that you're Zendaya on the night before the MET Gala, otherwise known as the biggest night for fashion each year. Aside from being super successful and stunningly beautiful, you're also probably feeling nervous and excited. You're going to be wearing a stunning Dolce & Gabbana gown. And, most importantly: "Rihanna's there. That's all that really matters," according to Z herself. Then, at the worst possible time for something to go wrong, you develop a rash all over your face and back. PANIC.

In a new video on her app, Zendaya and her assistant Darnell tell the story of how this really happened the night before the 2017 MET Gala. The video is honestly hilarious, and we give major props to Zendaya for joking about the whole thing, when we would have totally freaked out. But, being her down-to-earth self, she tells the camera, "It's not that serious, right. It's not that deep to, like, have to go to the ER!"

Still, we don't blame Darnell for convincing her to make the trip to the emergency room, because as she says of the rash, "It was not cute, I'll tell you that."

zendaya face allergy

So off she went to the emergency room in New York City in the middle of the night to see what was up, although she really didn't want to go at all.

"People are actually dealing with real illnesses and real sickness, and here I come, looking like a damn diva, with security," Zendaya said. OK, now this is yet another reason that we love her. How many A-Listers would be so considerate of others, and so quick to make fun of themselves even in the middle of a health dilemma?! A queen she is. She then went on to recall how she actually apologized to the doctor who treated her!

"I'm sorry I'm even wasting your time, but I have a rash, I have the Met Ball tomorrow," she said to the doctor. And even though she had to wait at the hospital for "three thousand hours," the doc was able to figure out that she was having an allergic reaction to some antibiotics she was taking for a throat infection.

zendaya er

She was taken off her antibiotics and given some new medicine which took care of the rash, just in time for the MET. Zendaya went on to give a well-deserved shout out at the end of her tale.

"The real heroes of the world work at the ER in new York, at 11-something at night," she explained. True story girl. Despite the allergy, the full-body rash, and a night spent without sleep in the ER, Zendaya still managed to show up to the MET looking like a million dollars. Teach us your ways, Z. Please and thanks.

zendaya 2017

So, there you have it. Her response to the whole story, which she shared on Twitter, was the crying-laughing face emoji, so she obviously knows when to laugh at a crazy situation. Go ahead and watch the full video below, we know you want to:

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