So what's the deal with Zendaya and Tom Holland? Are they dating or just friends? Well, if we're going by all these sources who seem to love talking about the Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars, these two are a legit item. See, new reports had surfaced yet again in December of 2017 confirming Z and Tom have been quietly dating for quite some time now.

An insider spoke to Entertainment Tonight saying the pair is dating but is choosing to keep their relationship mum for "privacy reasons."

"They are really connected," the source said to the outlet. Then over at Us Weekly, a source close to Z spilled, "They are still seeing each other, it’s been about a year. Tom has met Zendaya’s family and they love him." OK well, we do know Zendaya's mom Claire Stoermer gets along great with Tom since they snapped the cutest pic ever at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere.

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And while Tom was at ACE Comic-Con along with Spider-Man co-stars Jacob Batalon and Laura Harrier, his appearance on Lip Sync Battle came up since his rendition of Rihanna's classic "Umbrella" was actual perfection. While everyone was focused on talking about Tom, he decided to bring up his girl Z and said "What about Zendaya for Lip Sync Battle?" along with clapping and cheering her on as the champ she is, with Jacob and Laura totally agreeing with him.

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PRECIOUS. And she saw this whole exchange go down, taking to Twitter to let her co-stars know how much she missed them writing "My fam ? ."

Then, another fan who was chatting with Tom while he was signing their photo they snapped together at Comic-Con asked if he would ever do a musical with Zendaya and being the cutie he is, Tom had the sweetest answer.

"100%! Yeah, she's great. She can sing way better than I can but I'd give it a try," Tom said. Once again, he's letting us all know how amazing he thinks Zendaya is. (Obvi, he's spitting facts though, so can't blame him.) Adding more fuel to the fire, Tom went as far as to post a pic of Z totally slaying at the 2018 Met Gala in her fierce AF oufit on his Instagram. "All hail the queen. Killing it mate ??," he wrote in the caption.

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All hail the queen. Killing it mate 🙌🏻

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That sounds like something a proud, super supportive boyfriend would do, right?! Tom was even on hand at the New York City premiere of Z's new epic musical movie, The Greatest Showman, along with Jacob, which Tom posted about on his Instagram story.

The whole cast from this movie is super close, so it makes sense both Tom and Jacob were there but you know, now we're all wondering if there's more to Z and Tom's friendship. He seemed to only have eyes for her at the premiere:

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And we don't blame him because Zendaya looked like a literal queen if we're being honest here. Plus, not too long before that, Zendaya and her assistant/BFF Darnell took Tom shopping and the three of them had a grand old time in the mall together, which the actress posted about on her Snapchat.

Now, we really can't help but want to know the truth about this relationship. It's interesting they do publicize aspects of their friendship, with appearances on each other's social media accounts every now and then, often sharing sweet words about each other and how much their friendship means to them, and not being afraid to totally roast one another too. If they are dating, wouldn't they keep all of their interactions super low-key and not post anything about each other publicly? Or are they just trying to throw us off with the "We're just best friends, nothing to see here" facade? Zendaya did reveal she had a boyfriend for four years none of us new about (although it's been speculated this secret BF's identity is Trevor Jackson), so she is the master at keeping her private life, well private. Tom hasn't really been linked to anyone since he became a superhero overnight beside Z, although if you creep back long enough on his Instagram, you'll see he still has pictures with his ex-girlfriend up on his account. So he doesn't really seem the shy type who would keep his GF a secret but again, that was pre becoming Peter Parker. They have joked on Twitter about dating rumors in the past, totally dismissing it all.

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And she did flat-out say during her interview with Variety there was nothing romantic going on.

"We are friends. No. He’s a great dude. He’s literally one of my best friends. This past how many months we’ve had to do press tours together. There's very few people that will understand what that’s like at 20 years old," she firmly said when asked about this supposed romance. OK, seriously, we don't know what to believe!

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But as long as Tom and Zendaya are both happy, that's what matters most. And it's clear they have so much chemistry on and off screen, so we're here for it all.

We're all very emotionally invested in this saga.

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