Zendaya and Tom Holland might be laughing off rumors that they're dating, but these two are out here giving the world even more reasons to totally ship them. The Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars were hanging out again together yesterday, just the two of them and they happened to catch the eye of an actual paparazzi, who was following them. Most likely, he was trying to (creepily) sneak some photos of the pair as they were driving around perhaps catching them in the act of being a legit couple, with a smooch or something. But alas, Z and Tom are two v smart cookies and they spotted the pap, which Zendaya shared on her Snapchat story.

Z alerted everyone that someone was following them, taking pics for quite some time as Tom was driving. Can we take note of how she says, "So I'm rolling with this guy today," referencing Tom. Precious.

They're clearly unamused by it all, since when you think about it, it's super dangerous to drive around knowing someone is following you! But Z then turns her camera on the man who was snapping their pics, attempting to get a bit pf payback.

Well, it seems like nothing was snapped that would prove the theories that Z and Tom are actually dating to be true but if anything, the K.C. Undercover starlet is showing us all how cute their relationship really is. Tom has mentioned that really appreciates the fact that he has Zendaya as someone he can turn to for advice when it comes to dealing with this sudden rush of fame and having someone with a camera trying to snap you photo is unfortunately something celebs have to deal with. Remember when they were at a Spider-Man press event in London together and he whispered to Z that he totally hates posing on the carpet for pics?

Can only ever be your true honest self with your BFF, right? Well, although Zendaya and Tom might not be dating β€” at least we don't think so but there is still a chance so we're holding out hope here β€” their friendship is a true gift to us all. Calling out paparazzi together forever.

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