Zendaya is known for keeping her private life, well private. She does share tons of behind-the-scenes moments from her days on set of K.C. Undercover or hanging out with her family and friends at home on Snapchat, but when it comes to her dating life, Z is the master at staying mum. Besides walking the red carpet with football player Odell Beckham Jr., who she has said is simply just a friend, the starlet hasn't really been linked to anyone. But in her new interview with Vogue, she admitted that she was in a relationship for literal years. And the public had no idea about it!

Z said she was with her mysterious boyfriend for four years and fun fact she also shared: this boyfriend was the one who gave her Noon, her adorable puppy she proudly shared all about on Instagram back during Christmas of 2015. Last spring though, he called it quits and broke up with her. It was obviously a hard time, but she has since gotten over it.

"It was my first love. It wasn’t a good ending," she said. "You know you're OK in a breakup when your first thought is not, 'What did I do wrong?' It's, 'That was the dumbest decision of your life, and you’re going to regret it forever,'" she said.

Girl is clearly moving on, but she said that since the split, she has dated anyone else. This isn't the first time she has spoken about this relationship though. On her app, the Disney Channel queen gave a fan some advice on how to deal with a breakup, and she spoke from her personal experience.

"Y'all know I’m not shy about telling you I went through a bad breakup last year. I’m hella over that but trust, it wasn't easy. Here's how I got through it…I started forcing myself to have a lot more fun. I tried new things—going out and just doing more stuff. A healthy relationship does not mean you need to be with that person 24/7," she shared. "I got rid of old text messages, pictures and their clothing I still had. You don’t hang on to old Band-Aids. Throw that in the trash! You have to get rid of everything associated with them. It's best to get rid of their number. Or if you can’t quite let go, at least change the title of their name in your phone."

Some solid words of wisdom right there! So who exactly is the man in question who had the nerve to break Z's heart? Well, that might just always be a little detail the world never knows, but for some time, everyone speculated that the starlet and Trevor Jackson were more than friends. They walked the red carpet a few times together and he guest-starred on K.C. Unvercover where the two even had a rather romantic dancing scene.

trevor jackson zendaya

And they did wish each other a happy Valentine's Day on Twitter back in 2015, which you know is the most romantic holiday of the year.

Currently, Zendaya no longer follows Trevor on Instagram and Twitter and they haven't been seen hanging out together in what feels like forever, so signs are pointing to the actor as the one who she was actually dating. He did reveal exclusively to J-14 back in early 2015 that the pair's friendship really meant so much to them, although he wouldn't ever rule out the possibility of the duo being an actual couple one day.

"We're just so focused on everything going on [in our careers], that wouldn't even be possible right now. But you never know. If it happens, it happens," he told us.

Hmm, so were they just lying to us all and they were in fact so in love? Or perhaps Z's mystery man is someone we would never expect, which is why no one has been able to pinpoint who he really is. Regardless, she's over it now and sharing tidbits of what she's gone through with us all, on her own terms. But it seems like she really is the master at keeping her love life a secret. She has been rumored to be dating her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland since the film came out, although they have both denied there is anything more than a friendship.

tom holland zendaya

Multiple sources though seem to have insider info and say they've been together for about a year now. She and Tom do seem like a great pairing, especially because he checks off a bunch of things on her dating deal breaker list. A guy has got to be both respectful and make her laugh – which Tom seems to have covered.

"Respect is my number one thing, and I think it shows in different ways. With anybody you’re with, you have to have a layer of respect, courtesy, understanding, and tolerance," Zendaya shared in an interview with CR Fashion Book. "It's also important to have somebody who makes you laugh. If someone can’t make me laugh, then that's wack. And not just kind of laugh, but pee-my-pants laugh." They are all always having a blast when they're together and Tom went as far as to post a pic of Z totally slaying at the 2018 Met Gala in her fierce AF oufit on his Instagram. "All hail the queen. Killing it mate ??," he wrote in the caption.

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All hail the queen. Killing it mate 🙌🏻

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OK, now you don't just post anyone on your Instagram feed like that, right? And Zendaya commented back, which just brought on an even more serious case of the feels.

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So time will tell if Z ever decides to become more open about her personal life, but we can't knock her for wanting to keep something as special as the love of her life to herself.

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