New year, new Instagram feed … at least, for Zendaya! The Euphoria actress appears to have partaken in a social media reset and unfollowed everyone she had previously followed on Instagram — including boyfriend Tom Holland!

Following the former Disney star’s social media cleanse which fans noticed on January 4, 2024, social media users were quick to check on Tom’s own Instagram feed, who has previously spoken about the negative effects from social media on his mental health. But don’t fret, fans, as Tom currently follows 315 accounts, including his girlfriend.

While it’s unclear why Zendaya decided that 2024 was the year for an internet cleanse, she has opened up about her social-media use in the past, saying she often goes quiet to give herself a mental break.

“Being on [social media] would kind of make me anxious, or I would start to overthink a little too much,” the Emmy winner told People Magazine in October 2021. “[My fans] want me to … be happy and exist beyond social media.”

She also shared advice for others dealing with similar feelings. “Take the time that you need,” she said, “and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.”

Zendaya’s costar-turned-partner is also a huge advocate of mental health and has taken multiple social media breaks over the years — most recently, he revealed he’d be taking a break in August 2023.

“I get caught up and I spiral when I read things about me online. And ultimately, it’s very detrimental to my mental state so I decided to take a step back and delete the app,” Tom shared in an Instagram video at the time.

“I really do not like Hollywood,” Tom shared on the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast in July 2023. “It is not for me, the business really scares me. I understand that I’m apart of that business and I enjoy my, kind of, interactions with it — but that said, I’m always looking for way to kind of remove myself from it. To kind of just live as normal a life as possible.”

He explained that one of his ongoing thoughts while in the industry is to “not lose yourself,” explaining he’s seen it happen so many time before.

“I’ve seen so many people come before me and lose themselves,” he revealed. “And I’ve had friends that I’ve grown up with that aren’t friends of mine anymore because they’ve lost themselves to this business.”

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