Zendaya is a straight-up superstar now, starring in major movies, transforming into a fashion icon, having a second successful Disney Channel series she had a ton of creative influence on, all while using her platform to raise awareness to issues she feels passionate about. She's come a long way from those early days as Rocky Blue on Shake It Up. And while she may be ready to leave her Disney days behind her as production on K.C. Undercover has wrapped, she will forever embrace her days on the House of Mouse. If you ever thought she would be embarrassed about how she got her big break, well then guess again.

It all went down on Twitter when a fan just so happened to point out how on Shake It Up, both Zendaya and her co-star Bella Thorne often wore some over-the-top costumes. They were characters on a dance-themed show, so you know, the outfits were super colorful and for sure not like their own personal styles IRL. Well, Z was asked to "explain" these costume choices and she had the best response ever. "For what…I was just hired to act," Z wrote.

OK, now this is just too good. She is totally right: at the time, Zendaya didn't have as much of a say on this series as she did on K.C first of all, but she was just a kid and obviously was doing her job. Wearing funky outfits was part of the magic that was SIU! Like c'mon, can you even imagine CeCe and Rocky wearing another else as they slayed the stage?

shake it up costumes 1

They looked cute AF in these outfits!

shake it up costumes 2

So while Z and Bella have grown up and are on to bigger and better things, let us not ever disrespect the fun time that was Shake It Up. It was a ~moment~ in both these leasing ladies' careers and it will be cherished.

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