DVD Review: Water for Elephants


Prepare to be transported into a world completely different from anything you've ever experienced in Water for Elephants, a story about a struggling circus in the midst of the Great Depression, and the love stories that come out of the hardships and pain of life on the road.

Rob Pattinson plays Jacob Jankowski, a young (and very cute!) man studying veterinary science at Cornell who finds himself stowing away on a 1930s circus train owned by the Benzini Brothers circus after a tragedy strikes his family. When the circus owner August (Christopher Waltz) decides he can use Jacob's help training and caring for his animal performers, Jacob finds himself falling in love with August's wife Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), the show's star performer, and a beautiful elephant named Rosie. Jacob quickly realizes that he must protect them both, as well as himself, from the abusive ringmaster.

Overall, the movie tells a story of love -- between Jacob and Marlena, Jacob and the circus workers and, possibly most convincingly, Jacob and Rosie. Not only will you be drooling over Rob in his 1930s hair and fashion (which includes more than one ab-baring scene) but he gives a truly impressive performance alongside Reese and Chris that will more than satisfy fans between Twilight installments and leave you feeling like you really know the characters they're portraying.

Plus, the scenes with Rosie (played by an impressively well-trained elephant named Tai) and the entire ensemble of animal performers are mesmerizing and so much fun to watch that you'll wish you could adopt an elephant or giraffe for yourself once you've watched it through!

The big top, the performers --from acrobats to lion tamers, the animals and the characters -- all come together perfectly to recreate the long forgotten world that was the Depression-era circus.

As an added bonus, the DVD is packed with extras, including an audio-commentary with the director and screenwriter, a behind-the-scenes look at the process of transforming the book into the movie, a spotlight on Rob that features interviews with cast and crew who share why our favorite vampire was the ideal Jacob Jankowski and a special video on Reese that showcased how dedicated she was to learning how to perform the circus acts for the movie.

By Kelly Farrell

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