Exclusive Q&A with Esmee Denters


By Ashley Spencer

Three years ago, Esmee Denters was just another teen recording YouTube videos in her room. Now she's touring around the world and hanging with Justin Timberlake! J-14 caught up with the rising star superstar to chat about her hot new single "Love Dealer," getting discovered on YouTube, and having Bieber Fever.

J-14: You just released your first US single "Love Dealer" featuring Justin Timberlake. How does it feel? Esmee: I'm really, really excited! It's really a pleasure to work with Justin and we have great chemistry in the studio. My album Outta Here is coming out in August, so I'm looking forward to that too!

J-14: Did you always know you wanted to be a singer? Esmee: Pretty much. I started singing from very early on. My dad used to have so many different records around the house, and I was really very influenced by music. I also went to college and studied social work for a year, but then the whole YouTube craze happened [and I got discovered] so I'm happy that I get to be here with you now and share my story and be in the music industry.

J-14: It's so crazy that you went from recording YouTube videos to signing with Justin Timberlake's label.
It was a little bit surreal at first because you're used to doing covers in your room and all of a sudden, I was in front of 50,000 people opening on Justin Timberlake's tour! So it was crazy, but I knew once I was up on a stage that I didn't ever want to do anything else.

J-14: How would you describe your sound to new listeners? Esmee: I would definitely say Outta Here is a pop and R&B record. There are some more funky songs like "Love Dealer" on there that are just very summery and fun. And then there's some deeper songs, like one of my favorite songs on the record "Victim," and it's all about just being strong and not letting anybody get you down.

J-14: Do you have Bieber Fever? Esmee: He's actually more like a little brother to me. I remember seeing him start out on YouTube since we were doing the same thing. I met him a couple of times and every once in a while I bump into him. He's such a sweet, nice guy -- so I understand why all the girls have Bieber Fever!

Photo: Courtesy of Interscope

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