Exclusive Q&A with Girlicious


Girlicious singers Nichole Cordova, Natalie Mejia, and Chrystina Sayers found each other on the CW TV show Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, and now the girls are show the world what they can do outside of reality TV. Their second album, Rebuilt, drops August 24, and we caught up with the girls at the Jersey Shore Soundtrack release party to find out all about their new tunes and what it's like being in an all-girl group.

J-14: What is your favorite song off Rebuilt? Chrystina Sayers: I love the song "Tell Me Lies" -- it is a really good club song and everybody is going to love it. Natalie Mejia: I am actually a really big fan of "Maniac." It is a really great song and our first single.

J-14: What is "Maniac" about? Natalie: It is just about a love that kind of drives you crazy. You know how love can be. It is a universal law. Nichole Cordova: We've all been through that crazy love, so that's what the song is about.

J-14: Who is your favorite Jersey Shore character? Natalie: Snooki! Our song is on her CD, so we kind of represent her in a way. She likes to have fun and get down with us! Nichole: That is why we're here -- for Snooki!

J-14: Is there ever drama being in a group of all girls? Natalie: We all respect each other and know each other's space. There's never drama between us. Chrystina: We did come from a reality show, so we know what drama is like, but we are sisters now and we respect each other. We support and love each other with anything. There was an element of competition in the beginning, but we learned from each other's strengths and embrace that.

Girlicious shared a 14-second (or more!) diary of their day while on the red carpet -- check it out here:

Photo: Courtesy of Interscope

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