Exclusive Q&A with Taylor Hanson!


Between touring with new rock supergroup Tinted Windows and recording a new album with the band he's been in since he was nine (hello, Hanson!) - Taylor Hanson is one busy guy! Even with a hectic summer schedule, he found some time to chat with J-14's biggest Hanson fan about Tinted Windows, his two Twitters, and what he thinks of Taylor Swift!

J-14: What are you up to right now? Are you touring with Hanson and Tinted Windows? Taylor: I'm working on the new Hanson record right now (out next spring) and we're touring this fall. With Hanson, we have our own record company, we run a very active online fan club, and then with Tinted Windows, we're touring, the record's out, the single is on the radio - so I'm kind of bouncing back and forth.

J-14: You have Twitter accounts for both bands - do you answer your @replies? Taylor: We do! For Hanson, one of the things that - especially in the last five years - we've always championed is having a connection with your fans. Music sales declining and people losing the sense of "I need to go buy a record" comes from having a lack of connection with the artist. People are like, "oh, it's just some song I heard" as opposed to, "I love this band. I love this artist. I love what they're doing. I want to have their record. I want to go to their show." Twitter is just one more opportunity to stay current with those that are reaching out to you. We set up a Twitter for Hanson recently, and I'm kind of the designated Twitterer of Tinted Windows.

J-14: Did you know Taylor Swift Tweeted about you? Taylor: I heard she said a couple of really, very nice things. I think Taylor Swift is really talented. She has an amazing head on her shoulders already and any compliment from her is really flattering.

J-14: I think you guys should do a country pop duo! Taylor: (laughs) Maybe! I will say this, she's really talented and I think it would be great to do something together.

J-14: Do your children listen to your music or are they listening to Miley and the Jonas Brothers? Taylor: They're kind of picky. My son is a little music critic and he'll criticize our stuff and then he'll tell me what he likes and doesn't like. They like Taylor Swift and haven't connected as much with Miley Cyrus, probably because we haven't bought that record, but Miley Cryrus and the Jonas Brothers, they're out there and they watch the Disney Channel.

J-14: I'm sure you have to watch it all too! Taylor: I see parts of it, but also, in the cases of Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers, it's knowing what it's like to be a younger artist. I definitely admire the amount of work that they're clearly putting into their careers. It's hard work to keep up with the sudden enthusiasm and accolades that they're receiving so I wish them much luck.

J-14: You're a good role model for them! Taylor: In the end it comes down to wanting to be able to do what you love doing and no matter who you are - if you start at 25 or if you start at 10 - if you're really in it because this is what you want to do, it's an obligation you have to fulfill for yourself and hopefully it'll keep happening.

Over the weekend, Taylor Tweeted about the Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta:

Taylor Swift's response?

Check out the video for Tinted Windows' first single "Kind of a Girl" below, and tell us what you think below! Are you Tinted Windows or Hanson fans? Do you think Taylor and Taylor should team up and do a collaboration? Tinted Windows "Kind of a Girl"

Photo: Courtesy of Big Hassle

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