J-14 Hot Band Alert: High Valley


J-14 is scouting out the hottest music around... and this week's pick is High Valley.

Here are four things you need to know about High Valley whose latest single "Love You For A Long Time" is out now!

  1. Canada's pop-country trio High Valley consists of Bryan, Brad and Curtis, who are all brothers! "Our mom and dad and three older sisters always sang and played guitars, so as a result we grew up singing and playing together as a family," the youngest brother Curtis tells J-14. "Country music was always played in our home so we naturally fell in love with it and started playing together as brothers."

  2. The band's name was created by Brad when he was only five-years old! "He would play around and DJ a fake radio show on an old cassette tape recorder and the band was always called High Valley," Curtis says. "So when we started playing together, the name High Valley just made sense."

  3. Their latest album 'Love Is A Long Road' includes something that anyone can relate to. "The album is basically about the three of us as brothers and what we believe in, from working hard, to unconditional love, to family values, as well as our faith," Curtis tells J-14. "It's important to us to represent positive lyrics the entire family can enjoy!"

  4. High Valley's latest single "Love You For A Long Time" is a straight forward love song. "It basically compares a man's love for a woman to things that will last forever. 'Long as roosters crow at sunrise.' 'Long as there's preaching at the church house.' The song at its core is about unconditional and unending love," Curtis says.

Check out the music video to their latest single "Love You For A Long Time" below and let us know what you think!

Photo: Courtesy of High Valley

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